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May 25th, 2012

What We Want

Robbie Lewis was reasonable man. At least, he'd always thought so. But then he met James Hathaway and the world went sideways. The young sergaent was smart, scarily smart, handsome and a bloody good copper. Robbie was proud to have the friendship of such an extraordinary man. Trouble was, it wasn't just friendly thoughts invading his mind when he saw the lean blond. He found himself wondering what was under those nicely tailored suits and pastel shirts. More than once he'd caught himself staring as James walked away, found his eyes lingering on the swell of the taller man's rear.
"Oh Val, what am I doing? I'm too old to be going through this kind of revealation," he sighed, gazing at his late wife's picture. It was one of those rare evenings he got to himself, no work calls, no family drama just him, wagner and a few beers. He was tempted to call James, just to chat but who knew what might come spilling out after the few he'd downed. The knock at his door startled Robbie. Thinking it might be important he hurried down the hall, yanking the door open.
"James! What's wrong?"
"Nothing, Sir. I just... I was bored, sitting in my flat on my own. Hope I'm not intruding?"
"No, come on in. I was just relaxing before bed. Drink?"
"Please. Wagner? Unusual choice for you, Sir, at this time of night."
That was the other thing Robbie found endearing about James, the way he knew Robbie's moods and tastes. James folded himself onto the sofa, long legs tucked under him but even then he looked uncomfortable.
"Come on, spill it. And don't give me that blank look, you know full well what I mean," Robbie huffed fondly.
" I...I have something to say. If you get offended we can pretend it's the drink talking." James took a deep, shaky breath. "I've felt, for a long time, that you are the best DI anyone could ask for. But more recently my thoughts about you have had nothing to do with work. I think I'm falling in love with you, Robbie."
Staring at the blond man, completely off kilter, the older policeman couldn't think what to say. James kept his eyes lowered, a deep blush burning across his pale cheeks.
"I should go. We'll put this down to one too many..."
Robbie lunged across the sofa, wrapping his arms around the lanky man, face buried in the crook of his neck. For a few minutes he just breathed James in, the earthy smell of his aftershave, the warm, tantalising smell of his skin. Without thinking he let his lips trail over the thrumming pulse in the blond's neck. Only when he felt, rather than heard, the younger man groan did he pulled back. James was still beet red but his fingers were tangled in the back of Robbie's shirt, holding him close.
"You gorgeous, bloody idiot. Did you really think I'd just let you leave? That I could pretend you hadn't just made me deliriously happy?"
"What?" James whispered, hope blossoming in his chest.
"I've been torturing myself, trying to figure out how to tell you I'm in love with you. Then you go and beat me to it. As if I could let you leave now." Reaching up, Robbie tilted James' chin, pressing his lips to the younger man's in a soft, almost chaste, kiss.
"Robbie..." James murmured, pressing closer to the older man.
"Hush, love. We'll talk it through in the morning. Come to bed, please?"
Nodding, nerves and sheer excitment thrilling through his body, James followed Robbie, letting himself be laid down on the firm mattress. What followed was everything they had ever wanted.



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